Onboard clients digitally using an integrated white-label
services application containing OCR, Liveness Detection
and Biometric e-KYC Verification solution.


Expand your market with ease by integrating our full suite, end to end digital onboarding kit.

Although technology allows us to touch potential customers out of our reach. Research has found that around 40% of online registration never gets completed and ends up abandoned by the users due to the long and tedious onboarding process.

Let us handle it for you and enjoy a faster, safer, more convenient experience for you and your users. And yield a higher acceptance rate. From automatically input data fields to verifying data, all in one go. We provide a complete end to end digital onboarding kit that is fully customizable to your needs.

Our Features

Digital Banking

Are you a bank and ready to go online? Let us help you!

While digitalization and going-online have benefited us in many ways, it comes with its own set of challenges. Recent research found that over 50% of retail banking customers abandoned their attempt to open a bank online because of their long and unfriendly onboarding process. To top it off, ensuring KYC and AML compliance is one of the most onerous and rigorous steps in digital banking.

That’s why we’re here! Enable your users to independently register and open a bank account, safely through their own smartphones.

Through our BaaS and liveness test, we ensure you that only real & safe users are getting onboard, thus saving you time and resources to focus more on your business.

Bank Anywhere, Anytime

No more quene and trips to the bank, transact and handle bills 24/7 around the world, fast and efficiently.

Safe & Secure

Digitize your bank while still complying with the regulations.

What is BaaS?

BaaS or Biometric-as-a-Service is a system that enables enterprises and organizations from across industries to fight fraud and streamline customer experience through a robust onboarding process by utilizing fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and other biometric technologies.
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