Automatic customer payment history verification
and credit scoring in less than 7 minutes


Score the Right People by Processing the Right Data with Advanced Algorithm

Credit fraud through identity theft is not something new, but it seems they’re here to stay. Losses due to identity theft have been rising year after year, with credit fraud as the most prevalent case.

We believe scores generated by concrete and valid user’s data are the most accurate method today.

Making use of our Biometric Technology combined with access to reliable sources of user data, we internally-score your users’ financial capability accurately.

All in One

Verifying your user’s identity and generating a score, all in one go.

Profile Grade Generated by Valid Data

Ensuring accurate internal scoring through valid and reliable data.

Prevent Credit Fraud

Reduce credit fraud at the earliest by preventing identity theft.


A comprehensive scoring tool that you can adjust to your needs.

SLIK Result in JSON

SLIK Result in JSON
SLIK Result in JSON

CAAS Result
SLIK Result in JSON

Applicant Details
SLIK Result in JSON

Credit Score Table

A fast, accurate and reliable customer profiling based on 3 valid sources; Behavior, Capacity, eKYC.
Make faster and more thorough decisions in selecting your customer.
Assess user's capability through facts and concrete data and
Generate predictive risk profile score through advanced algorithm based on real data.

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