Bineka Tunggal Eka is Asli RI's P2P Biometric Verification is a biometric identity verification platform, which analyze digital footprint, authenticate personal identity card, driver's license, and passport; and also verify identity based on facial recognition.

1-2-3 Simple Verification Steps

Step One

User takes a selfie with his/her mobile phone (or cellphone) or web cam. Sign in with Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google. Take a picture of approved-by-government identity cards.

Step Two

The system processes all provided information by verifying any facial images and calculating to score authenticity of information utilizing keep-on-learning algorithm.

Step Three

The platform generates a scoring report, which consists of identity confirmation (ie. name, address, date of birth) based on provided information by the user; to help you make the best decision.

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