Did You Know?

  • Measures thickness, density and curvature of finger's surface
  • Widespread use by law enforcement
  • Commonly used in border management

How does it work?

  • A fingerprint maps the ridgelines in the skin of one's fingertips
  • Individuality is based on location and direction of the ridge ending points AND
  • Splits along a ridge path


  • Late 1800s

    Sir Francis Galton identified how fingerprint characteristics are individualized.
  • 1903

    In a short story, Sherlock Holmes found a fingerprint.
  • 1969

    Major push from the FBI to develop fingerprint identification system.
  • 1975

    FBI developed automated fingerprint scanners.
  • Late 1990s

    Emergence of commercial fingerprint verification products.
  • 2006

    Fingerprint readers added to many laptops.
  • 2013

    iPhone 5S released with Touch ID.