A model that offers an attractive alternative way of making technology more accessible than ever. Enabling organizations and companies from across industries to fight fraud and streamline customer experience through stronger onboarding process by utilizing fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and other biometric technologies.

Benefits and Use Cases

Fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and other biometric technologies are enabling organizations in a variety of industries to combat fraud and streamline customer service via stronger onboarding.

It all starts with Biometrics-as-a-Service (BaaS), a model which offers an attractive alternative that makes the technology more accessible than ever.

BaaS is able to quickly add biometrics capabilities to any processes, making it easy to enroll and confirm the identities of customers and employees with fingerprints without needing to build and support software infrastructure and databases.

The Benefits of BaaS

An easy way to implement stronger fraud prevention and provide better customer service.


e-KYC & Customer Verification

Prevent fraud by detecting fake identities as part of your customer and employee onboarding process.

SIM Registration

Prevent fraud by having prepaid SIM card purchasers register their fingerprints at the point of sale.

Voter Identification

Use biometric scanning at voter booths to prevent voter fraud.


Verify potential hires and make sure all records are clean.

Blacklist and Fraudster Database Verification

Match & identify fraudsters, criminals, drug-addicts, terrorists by scanning through biometric records from The Indonesian Law Enforcement Agency.